Distribution 2.0 : Digital retail

Distribution 2.0 : Digital retail

To attract more customers or optimize the work of its employees, the digitalization of points of sale, in its various forms and for different forms of commerce, is tomorrow’s answer to today’s challenges.

Global context

Faced with e-commerce, its attractive platforms in perpetual evolution and its consumers increasingly connected, the digital deployed in the physical trade seems to provide the necessary tools to compete with the web. It gives back to local commerce this saving attractiveness. In fact, a connected business will offer consumers an unprecedented purchasing experience and will allow retailers to present a modern and resolutely attractive positioning thanks to a multitude of media: Installation of dynamic displays (PLV), touch pads for customers or for sellers. Other, more discreet technologies such as geofencing (technology that allows to send push notifications or messages to customers arriving or leaving a specific area commercial area, store …) or retargeting (technology that identifies smartphones with activated wifi of customers in the defined area to target its advertising campaigns on the relevant mobil) will be used to track customer flows in order to analyze their behavior and offer them good information, at the right place and at the right time.

Advantage of connected points of sale

A connected point of sale aligns with the customer’s discovery and purchase journey in a digital strategy and develops a new merchandising integrating objects connected to social networks and the Web. By using these technological jewels wisely, your store could easily get rid of the constraints related to these 3 principles

  • The time failure resolved : connect his business can then consist in offering in the window of a closed store a touch screen delivering information on the products present inside. It can also offer an appointment to return later. This approach is already used by some dealers in the example of the BMW brand
  • A much larger space : An attractive space, a multitude of options, these are the expectations of a consumer in the era of communication 2.0. A point of sale that connects is, for example, providing terminals to browse all existing references and why not order them so that the supply of a store is not limited to the size of its linear and its stocks.
  • A coherent experience: connected point of sale allows to offer a consumer the same feeling when buying, regardless of the channel put forward: shop, site, phone or application. By highlighting a consistent experience, your brand identity will be highlighted at the same time.

The use of these new technologies is multiple and their benefits as well. But these are all connected solutions for which it is necessary to set up a global reflection in order to adapt in depth your new equipment to existing technical infrastructures (internet network, power supply, etc.). That is why, thanks to its skills, its expertise and its geographical network, BLOOSAT and its satellite connection offer promote a complete and large-scale digitization throughout the territory of your points of sale.