What is a Geostationary Satellite?

For once, let’s allow ourselves to have our heads in the clouds, and even a little above. Did you know that there are several types of satellites? Of course I do! Satellites can be natural or artificial. But even more so, two types of artificial satellites can be distinguished: The scrolling satellites (which we will talk about again not to worry) and the Geostationary satellites that we are interested in today.

The geostationary satellite

A geostationary satellite is a satellite that rotates around the Earth in exactly 24 hours and always remains at the zenith (i.e. just above) of the same place. To do so, this satellite must be placed at the level of the Earth’s equator and at an altitude of 36,000 km.

What are they used for?

Telecommunications or television satellites are placed in geostationary orbit because it allows information to be transmitted or received using antennas with a fixed position. For example, when our technicians install you with a satellite Internet reception antenna (a dish) on your house, it must always be oriented in the same direction (unless you want to change satellites) and always be tilted at the same angle (depending on where you live), in order to target the communication satellites that are all above the equator. Now think about it when you enjoy satellite internet wherever there is sky!

If taking height was the solution to get closer to your market?

If taking height was the solution to get closer to your market?

If you are in front of this article, know that we understand what it takes to create added value every day for a custommer base that is less and less understandable. Oh yes, we have how hard it is! c

However, if it is true that we have to deal with these threats, it is the duty of each entrepreneur (manager) to take advantage of every opportunity at his disposal and the Internet is

What does the web have to offer ?

In Africa, we are 435 million Internet users (penetration rate 34%), 191 million active users on social networks (penetration rate 15%) and 172 million active users of social networks on mobile phones (penetration rate 14%). Yes yes yes Africa okay, but on the cameroon will you tell me. Well, Cameroon has 6.13 million Internet users, 2.9 million active users on social networks, including 2.7 million active users. No matter what you base your business on, your market and/or future market is necessarily on the web

How to take advantage of the web ?

Thanks to the Internet, you will now be able to better understand your prospects. Don’t be afraid to go to their social networks, talk to them directly, get the information at the source. Automating your proposal will save you money by saving them time. There are tons of actions of this type, but their effectiveness will depend on the quality of your Internet connection. At Bloosat, we offer you the best of satellite internet connection. A stable, reliable and economical offer designed by professionals, for professionals and cherished on the cake, our connection is available “wherever there is sky”.